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Create A Beautiful Outdoor Living Space With These Garden Accessories


   Arbors are a beautiful enhancement to your garden.  Your garden is an extension of your home. With the right combination of plants, flowers and garden accessories, you can transform your garden into a lovely space that you can use as a peaceful retreat or a comfortable setting for entertaining guests. Here are some ideas for garden accessories that can help you get started.

Garden Arbor

Create a loving entry way to your garden spot with an garden arbor. There are many style and designs available, and you are sure to find one that suits your taste. Arbor kits contain all the parts that you need, and they are easy to assemble. Consider planting a climbing rose bush at either end of the arbor. Train the rose to climb up the arbor, and every season, you will have a spectacular rose-covered entry way gracing your garden.


Garden Waterscape

There is nothing more beautiful than creating a waterscape in your garden. Building a pond in your garden is really not that hard to do. You can get pond kits that come complete with the liner, pump and all the plumbing components that you need to create your lovely water garden. Decorate with natural rocks, or use landscape rocks made from a high-quality resin for easier handling. Enhance the look with different types of plants and especially with aquatic plants that love the water. Put this altogether, and you will have an amazing water garden retreat that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Small Garden Accessories

Small garden accessories can also add that extra touch of beauty to any garden. If you have a small  garden spot where you want to create a private retreat where you can just lose yourself in thought, consider putting in a gazing ball. These are lovely globes made from either glass or stainless steel that you put on a stand. The glass globes come in a array of colors, in swirly and sparkly designs that will highlight any type of garden landscape. Stainless steel gazing balls have a silver mirror finish which offers the look of glass but without the risk of breakage. Put a gazing ball on a wrought iron pedestal and position it where you can enjoy its beauty while you daydream.


If you want to create beautiful garden designs with climbing plants, place trellises around your garden.  Black & Decker LGC120 20-Volt Max Lithium Garden Cultivator  They come in many styles, and they are perfect for dividing a garden area if you have different purposes for each section of your garden.

Garden Planters

If you have a garden area that does not have the ideal planting conditions in the soil, use garden planters instead. Plants are very versatile, and you can put them practically anywhere you want. Using planters give you the ultimate flexibility in decorating your garden with your favorite flowers even if your garden’s soil is not conducive to it. Planters come in different styles to suit your needs. You can even find planters that hang on a railing or fence if you want to add some interest to an otherwise uninteresting spot.

Garden Statues

To add some character to your garden space, consider decorating with garden statues. Go for a whimsical look and choose statues of animal figures. How about an angel to watch over your garden? With statues in your garden, you can dream about the stories and fairy tales that transform your garden into a magical wonderland of imagination. Statues can certainly add life and interest to your garden.

Sit down and make a plan of what you want your garden to look like. Think about how you want to use that space, then write down your ideas. Measure your space so you will know if the larger pieces of accessories will fit. Sketch out the placement of your decorative pieces and your plants, keeping in mind how sun exposure will affect the plants that you want to put in.

Whimsical Slumbering Gnome StatueBy using different garden accessories, you can easily change your garden decor whenever you like.
The possibilities are endless. A beautiful garden space can really enhance your quality of life.

Look for inspiration by perusing garden and home magazines. Pay a visit to famous gardens and gather ideas. Let your imagination loose, and you can create the garden of your dreams that you can enjoy for years to come.

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